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Integrated Studies: Special Education--Teacher Certification

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Education, General


naturalism, naturalism in education, naturalism in special education, naturalism in professional science, eugenics, eugenics in special education, naturalism to eugenics


Education | Secondary Education and Teaching | Special Education and Teaching | Teacher Education and Professional Development


The rise of naturalism has affected every area of life. This thesis seeks to address the negative influence of naturalism in various educational settings, exposing the degradation of the secular society while challenging the Christian to pursue change. The United States’ participation in eugenics during the early 20th century caused a lack of regard for the lives of special education students. Regular education, specifically the science classroom, has been a target for the naturalistic point of view. Even the abolition of God in the public school setting stems from the rise of naturalism. Lastly, many scientists and professors who hold to a creationist perspective have been persecuted, denied degrees, tenures and jobs based on their opposing viewpoint of science.