Publication Date

Fall 2018


School of Business


Business: Marketing


Work, Business, Marketing, Glorify God


Marketing | Sales and Merchandising


The grand narrative of the Bible could be broken into three distinct parts- Creation, Fall, and Redemption. The main focus of this paper will go through the distinct parts of Creation and the Fall, but the focus will be on Redemption specifically in the realm of work and how it relates to business marketing. In Creation, God created us in His image meaning we were gifted with the ability to create and to form relationships. We express God’s image through the dominion mandate, which is God’s command to us to be stewards of the earth through the act of work. After the Fall, work and business became distorted. Work, a thing created to glorify God, now had great potential to harm others. The Fall triggered humans to leverage their creativity and relationships, in business specifically, to manipulate others and to serve themselves rather than to serve God and others. Instead of perpetuating the effects of the Fall, business, specifically marketing, can be a catalyst for Redemption.