Publication Date

Spring 4-20-2009


School of Communication


Communication Studies: Advertising and Public Relations

Primary Subject Area

Fine Arts


Typography, Media, Image


Art Practice | Contemporary Art | Other Arts and Humanities | Theory and Criticism | Visual Studies


The past thirty years have marked the start of a new kind of civil war in our digitally powered American society. There is a deep chasm between the cry for the lost art of typography and the mediated power of the Image. We are a culture battling a war in our own heads, attempting to assimilate Images without replacing the need for a written text.

This thesis will argue that the mediated Image is not a death sentence to critical thinking; rather it is an undeniable, inescapable power that can be used to positively influence our culture. It will research the history of fear found in many revolutionary novelists and theorists, and how that fear has gone beyond the point of being a warning symbol, becoming a paralyzing lamentation for the lost art of the past.

It will ultimately answer the nagging question of our present society: Has the rise of the mediated Image replaced the written text and its requirement to digest information in rational and analytical manner?