Publication Date

Fall 11-28-2018


College of Arts and Sciences; Helms School of Government


Government: Pre-Law; History


Nuclear Weapons, North Korea, Bill Clinton, Kim Jung Un, China, Negotiation, Proliferation, International, United Nations, Agreed Framework


Asian History | Diplomatic History | International Humanitarian Law | Military History


North Korea’s road of survival began in the aftermath of World War II, when the United States and the Soviet Union sparred over rival ideologies. Ultimately, Korea split into a free south and an authoritarian north. Over seventy years later, North Korea remains a bastion of communism. Nuclear weaponry is a factor behind North Korea’s survival, and the history of their program can offer insight for American policy makers today. This paper offers a history of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program during the Clinton presidency, along with recommendations for present day policy makers. Without an understanding of history decision-makers tend to make mistakes and act rashly. It is imperative America understands its diplomatic issues with North Korea, and provide diplomatic, strategic, and military solutions for future negotiations.