Publication Date

April 2007


College of Arts and Sciences


Kinesiology: Health and Physical Education--Teacher Certification

Primary Subject Area

Health Sciences, Public Health


Waist size, blood pressure, cholesterol, college students


The relationship between food consumed and the resulting body size is not easy to understand. Considering the vast array of nutritional input, numerous hypotheses have been tested for connections among diet constituents and the shape of the human body. The purpose of this study was two fold: to determine the correlation between the level of blood cholesterol and waist size among college students and to determine the correlation between blood pressure and waist size among college students. Volunteers from an upper level Kinesiology class at Liberty University were measured around the waist, screened for blood pressure, and administered a cholesterol blood test. Three groups were formed based on waist size measurements. Significant differences were found between waist size and blood pressure. Results of this study extended the research of Roizen and Oz (2006) using college students and should be used for preventative purposes.