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School of Business


Business Administration


CSR, Corporate, Social, Responsibility, Sustainability, Firm Performance


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Business Analytics | Business Law, Public Responsibility, and Ethics | Marketing | Organizational Behavior and Theory


The purpose of this thesis is to identify the internal effects of corporate social responsibility on firm performance. It also examines the definition of corporate social responsibility and two varying theories about the topic. This thesis explores the human resource, quality and financial aspects of firm performance and how those aspects of a company are affected by adopting significant corporate social responsibility programs. This research seeks to answer the claim that corporate social responsibility programs do not have a positive effect on the actual performance of an organization. It will examine the effect of CSR on employee attitudes, moral and overall satisfaction, seeking to determine if it affects employees in such a way that would affect their performance. This thesis will also examine the effect of implementing CSR programs on the quality of the company’s service or products. Finally, it will investigate the financial effects of implementing CSR programs on an organization.