Publication Date

Spring 5-1-2018


School of Education


Education: Elementary/Middle


Education, Globalization, International School, Multicultural Education, International Baccalaureate, Curricula


Elementary Education


This thesis discusses the education of students in international schools, particularly elementary-age students, who grow up in international schools, completing their programs and becoming “citizens of the world.” However, this relatability is constantly seen in international students who have attended an international school. It is as though a person’s people-skills and ability to relate well with others skyrockets as they attend a school where differences are not only accepted but celebrated. It is in these places where it is important to use technology well, think critically, stay current in the affairs of the world, be encouraged to follow one’s own dreams and visions of what can be done to better the world, and emphasize diversity as both important and necessary. These qualities are what makes a person a “citizen of the world,” as he or she can easily adapt and thrive in environments all around the world today. It is truly a strength to be able to relate to people with completely different backgrounds to one’s own, and the Christian perspective on this topic will subsequently be discussed. International schools can be seen as catalysts for these strengths as they foster a community where thinking and living as a “citizen of the world” is celebrated.