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Herpes Zoster, Shingles, Vaccines, Coloring Book, Patient Health Literacy, Medicine, Biomedical Visualization, Virology, Infectious Disease, Illustration, Health Communication, Graphic Communication, Public Health Promotion


Allergy and Immunology | Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Dermatology | Graphic Communications | Graphic Design | Health Communication | Illustration | Immunology and Infectious Disease | Immunopathology | Infectious Disease | Internal Medicine | Medical Immunology | Public Health Education and Promotion | Virus Diseases


Shingles, the disease caused by the herpes zoster virus, is a widespread and widely misunderstood illness in the United States. It is preventable, but many at-risk patients do not know what measures they may take to prevent it. Clear communication from physician to patient is crucial for patient understanding of diseases. Many patient education materials on herpes zoster currently available are often unused. It is therefore beneficial to public health to disseminate new mediums of medical communication, and one way of accomplishing this is through adult coloring books. The pathophysiology of herpes zoster virus is here explored and the idea of using an adult coloring book to educate patients on the subject in a comprehensible way is presented.