Publication Date

Spring 5-1-2018


School of Health Sciences


Exercise Science: Pre-Professional


Ultra-running, Ultra-marathon, Injuries, Injury Prevention, Ultras, Running, Jefferson National Forest, Running-related Injuries, Supplemental Training


Kinesiotherapy | Medicine and Health Sciences | Physical Therapy | Physiotherapy | Rehabilitation and Therapy | Sports Sciences


By definition, ultra-marathon running is a sport that covers any distance above the 26.2-mile marathon distance in a single race. The mountains of Virginia host many ultra-marathon races that attract endurance runners from all over the nation to participate. Training is an essential component of running an ultra. Although there is not one specific way to train for an ultra, there is research that correlates the success of the top ultra-runners and their training preferences regarding supplemental training and injury prevention. To gain a more complete understanding of how to prepare for a successful ultra-marathon, an online survey was created and sent to all runners who participated in four local ultra-marathons. The findings were compared and contrasted to published literature on the subject matter.