Publication Date

Spring 4-27-2018


School of Nursing


Nursing (B.S.N.)


Maternal Obesity, Macrosomia, Intervention, Nutrition, Exercise


Maternal, Child Health and Neonatal Nursing | Nursing | Nursing Midwifery | Pediatric Nursing | Public Health and Community Nursing


Research suggests pre-pregnancy obesity is associated with an increased risk of macrosomia in the newborn. Since women are expected to gain weight during pregnancy, the standard recommendation of weight loss for obesity is not ideal for this population. In this systematic review of the literature regarding interventions for maternal obesity to reduce fetal macrosomia, 149 articles were screened using three different databases to identify recent randomized controlled trials related to this topic. A total of 11 full text articles were analyzed and included in the review. The articles addressed nutritional, lifestyle, and pharmacological interventions. The results indicated there is currently insufficient evidence to support specific treatment options for women with obesity during pregnancy to reduce the risk of fetal macrosomia.