Publication Date

Fall 12-5-2017


Helms School of Government


International Relations


Ethics, Intelligence, Deception, Propaganda, Technology, Manipulation, Lordship of Christ, Biblical Worldview, Christianity, Law of love


Applied Ethics | Law and Philosophy


This paper will discuss Christian involvement in the intelligence field in addition to the ethical issues inherent to intelligence, specifically deception, including lying and manipulation, and technology as a force multiplier. Many Christians believe that intelligence is fundamentally a field of extensive deception that should be avoided. Ethics and morality, what it means to tell the truth, and biblical examples of people who used deception and were commended, will be analyzed from a Christian worldview perspective. The arguments will be presented in order that Christians may be able to understand how to apply the two greatest commandments, to love our neighbor and pursue Christ, even in the midst of the ethical challenges persistent in the intelligence field.