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Publication Date

Spring 12-5-2017


School of Visual and Performing Arts


Theatre: Acting


Dramaturgy, Dramaturg, Oliver Goldsmith, She Stoops To Conquer, Play, History, Reconstruction, Virginia, 1870, Georgian, England, United Kingdom, 1773, Religion, Politics, Culture, Creative Setting, Theatre, Theater, Production Company


Dramatic Literature, Criticism and Theory | European History | Fine Arts | Other Theatre and Performance Studies | Theatre History | United States History


A reputable theatrical company will hire a dramaturg to implement historical research and to provide reputable information where the director or staff desires it. They ensure that the play’s elements are as truthful to the time period as possible and aid in a performance’s overall success. If a theatrical company were to set Oliver Goldsmith’s play She Stoops to Conquer in 1870 Virginia, it could strengthen the play’s underlying religious, political, and cultural elements.

The paper is comprised of seven sections: a biography of the playwright, a religious exploration, a political analysis, a cultural comparison, a delineation of suggested script edits, a conclusion, and two illustrated appendices.