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Publication Date

Fall 12-11-2017


School of Communication


Cinematic Arts


Script, Creative, Film, TV Show, Cinematic Arts, Cinema


Film and Media Studies


Daniel is walking to Luke’s house as Luke's mom gives the keys to her 1980s pink

Cadillac to Luke. Luke is opposed to driving the Cadillac; however, Daniel is completely

for it. Luke reluctantly takes the keys, drives away, hides the car, and walks to school.

Rusty, the bully, approaches the boys, and banter starts. Angered, Luke starts to throw a

punch. The duo ends up in the principal’s office. Mrs. Francois lightly scolds the boys,

but they all leave with smiles. Logan, running for class president, smooth-talks students

into voting for him. However, Luke thinks he's up to something. After school, Daniel and

Luke start walking home. In the background, Logan and Rusty shake hands. They walk

over to eavesdrop behind the fence; it seems as if Logan is blackmailing Rusty. After

Logan leaves, Rusty picks up his backpack and throws it against the fence which falls and

reveals the duo. Rusty's furious about them spying on him and charges Luke and Daniel

who run for their lives. They escape. Daniel and Luke then figure out that Logan is

blackmailing Rusty who is trying to get information to exonerate his dad from jail.

Information which Logan has.