Publication Date

Spring 2017


School of Health Sciences


Biology: Biomedical Sciences


Biology | Chemistry | Earth Sciences | Evolution


This thesis will provide an overarching examination into the scientific field of prebiotic chemistry, the purported chemistry of the formation of life on earth. Prebiotic chemistry is a critical area of science particularly for Christian scientists to study since it is used by many evolutionists as evidence for the evolution of life, rather than the formation by an intelligent designer. Extensive literature-based research from previously published articles will be conducted on the formation of biologically necessary molecules, including amino acids. Primary focus will be placed on the formation of amino acids in a primordial earth environment, first demonstrated by the Urey-Miller experiment. The main reactants that are believed to be necessary to produce these various biomolecules were supposedly found in the earth’s atmosphere, so attention will also be given to the possible theories of the atmospheric composition on an early earth. Following the literature review, experimental research will be conducted in a laboratory to attempt to produce amino acids using a similar experimental method published in 2008 by Cleaves et al. All the results produced by this experimental research will be discussed and implemented into a Christian scientific worldview.