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School of Behavioral Sciences; School of Business


Business: Management Information Systems; Psychology


Stigmas, Information Technology, Gender, Personality


Applied Behavior Analysis | Management Information Systems | Science and Technology Studies | Social Psychology | Technology and Innovation


In looking at technology and how technology affects an individual, research indicates that a number of stereotypes exist about the people that most frequently use technology. A large portion of these stigmas involve the personality or gender of those that work with or use technology. The research that indicates that these stereotypes exist within the field of Information Technology (IT) but does not expand to look at the general population and their use of technology. More specifically, the research has not focused on the individuals who are simply interested in information technology and who are talented in working with technology. The characteristics of these individuals (gender, personality, the generation that they are considered a part of) have been largely understudied; however, variations in characteristics of those who are associated with IT have been examined. Therefore, a gap exists in the research looking at stigmas that affect individuals that utilize and work with technology. Based upon this gap, the question then arises as to whether or not the stigmas that exist in relation to IT apply to those who simply enjoy working with and/or using technology.