Publication Date

Spring 4-25-2017


School of Communication


Communication Studies: Graphic Design; Studio and Digital Arts


Branding, Graphic Design, Small Business, Logo, Brand, Art, Farming, Farm, Honey, Illustration, Social Media, Marketing, Consumer Psychology, Packaging


Advertising and Promotion Management | Agribusiness | Applied Behavior Analysis | Arts Management | Business and Corporate Communications | Business Law, Public Responsibility, and Ethics | Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | Fine Arts | Food Security | Food Studies | Graphic Design | Illustration | Other Communication | Public Relations and Advertising


The Land of Milk & Honey Farm exists to provide quality food produced in facilities that practice good stewardship to the Earth. It is a small business devoted to loving, careful stewardship and the production of quality goods. The mission of The Land of Milk & Honey is to combine traditional farming practices with a sustainable and environment-friendly approach to agriculture. It aims to provide customer satisfaction by being respectful and responsible over animals and the earth, and by producing quality products. To reach this objective, the farm intends to educate consumers and provide an alternative source for truly farm-fresh goods. The Land of Milk & Honey works towards these goals by following a Christian model of stewardship, emphasizing the importance of utilizing wholesome, natural resources and producing food humanely. In order to help The Land of Milk & Honey in their mission, this project aims to create a brand identity and tools for the farm to extend the range of their customer base, and have more meaningful relations with their patrons. In the process, this project aims to demonstrate the value and importance of establishing a successful brand for a small business. The creation of a clear brand identity, effective packaging, and the formation of an online presence allows The Land of Milk & Honey Farm to better reach and educate its consumers, so that they can implement good stewardship practices in their own lives.


Email received from student regarding authorship of logo.


The entire marketing plan is my own. The farm does not currently have it's business license and has not yet implemented use of the logo in its products.


Amber Rabie