Publication Date

Spring 2017


Helms School of Government


Criminal Justice; Government: Pre-Law


Disinformation, Soviet Union, Russia, Stalin




One of the most effective tactics used to bring down one’s enemy is the ideological tool exemplified in Soviet and subsequent Russian disinformation. Disinformation has created an alternative way of looking at history that grew out of the Soviet Union’s actions in time of war. Soviet Disinformation was an effective war tactic used by Communist leaders to demonize those in a position of power who posed a threat to the Soviet regime. Joseph Stalin, the Communist leader of the Soviet Union in from 1924-1953, used disinformation to discredit such perceived enemies as the United States and the Roman Catholic Church. The Soviet disinformation campaign behind the framing of Pope Pius XII was the epitome of deception and manipulation of public records and the press. As a case study, it provides a model that may be used to expose the past and current implementation of Soviet and Russian Disinformation.

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