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Sex Trafficking, Stockholm Syndrome, Signs of Trafficking, Pornography




Awareness for sex trafficking is on a steady incline. Many organizations and events help to raise awareness for sex trafficking and often collect money to combat the issue. However, the unfortunate reality is that the public has gained a non-functional awareness of the issue. The public knows about the problem, they know that the number affected is astronomical, and they know that it is ugly, but they know of no tangible way to work toward the solution. Nothing is wrong with donating to an organization that is working to resolve the issue, but people need to be made aware of the simple ways that they can combat sex trafficking in their everyday life. They can do this by understanding how sex trafficking works. They can become familiar with the signs of sex trafficking and how to report suspicious activity. Lastly, the public must be made aware of personal behaviors that contribute to the problem. For example, many Americans consume pornography without knowing that this industry drives the demand for sex slavery.

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