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Nonprofit Administration and Management


Non-profits are a vital part of today’s society. Non-profits fulfill a vital role in today’s society, providing much needed services that the government cannot or will not provide. These services include health care, education, religion, and humanitarian aid which are all imperative to any society. These organizations are unique in that they run primarily on the volunteer work of others. This type of system is very different from any other kind of organization in the world. Non-profits are powered by the motivation of people to help people. Understanding the volunteer is the key to understanding how a non-profit can thrive in today’s society. Being able to motivate a commitment to continued volunteer work is a needed element for non-profits to continue their important work. As a result, it is critical to understand the reasoning behind the following questions: why people are willing to volunteer, why they stop volunteering, and why they continue to volunteer. If a non-profit can understand the answers to these questions, they can maintain a healthy and happy set of volunteers that will serve them well in the coming years.