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School of Health Sciences


Exercise Science: Pre-Professional


Obesity, Bariatrics, Multidisciplinary Approach, Occupational Therapy


Bariatric care focuses on the treatment and prevention of obesity as a chronic disease. It encompasses a wide range of obesity interventions from diet and exercise to weight loss surgery. Due to the continuing rise in obesity, all health care professionals will encounter bariatric patients, and thus, it is important for all health-care professionals to be aware of bariatric considerations. There are many negative implications to increased obesity that affect both physical and psychological health. This thesis will present the rise and rates of obesity in America today, along with the health risks and morbidity statistics for those who fall into this category. It will then introduce the field of bariatrics—its origins, goals, and various approaches as well as the pros and cons to each. The thesis will then investigate the various healthcare professionals involved in the field of bariatrics and the role each one plays in obesity treatment. It will conclude with a discussion of the importance of implementing a multidisciplinary approach to bariatric treatment in order to provide optimal and holistic care.