Publication Date

Spring 4-25-2017


Helms School of Government


Government: Politics and Policy


Pastors, Pulpit, Politics, Culture


Since the founding era, the United States has experienced a line of strong religious leaders who have diligently influenced the nation by applying the Bible to the whole of life. There are numerous examples of pastors who have used the pulpit to influence their congregations, and consequently, their societies. Although it is commonly argued today that pastors should not combine political and religious issues within sermons, discussing culture within a biblical worldview is critical to the health of a nation, and a vital role each pastor bears. This paper examines the scope of the biblical foundations which influenced America’s early pastors and how they sought to combine their duty to God with their duty to man and country by addressing the cultural issues of their day. The effort of many of the patriot pastors within their ministries during the American Revolution helped to influence the tide of a new nation, the United States of America. This thesis proposes that modern-day pastors follow the patriot pastors’ historic example and address current cultural issues.