Publication Date

Spring 2017


School of Divinity


Religion: Biblical Studies


Transgenderism, Theology and Gender, Transsexuality, Christian Ethics, Gender Dysphoria


Biblical Studies | Christianity | Ethics in Religion | Practical Theology


The transgender movement has posed an ethical problem for societies around the world, and has forced Christian communities to reconsider traditional conceptions of gender, sex, and what makes someone a man or woman. The conventional approach that most evangelical Christian communities have adopted towards individuals who experience incongruence between their gender identity and physical sex characteristics has been to condemn cross-gender living. To equip Christians to consider the morality of transgenderism most effectively, this study begins by defining key terms, and provides a brief survey of some of the scientific and medical background issues surrounding this discussion. We then examine the biblical arguments underlying this traditional judgment of transgender behavior as immoral and provides a critique of the use of the two primary biblical texts utilized in this discussion to prohibit trans lifestyles. In conclusion, it examines the advantages of abandoning a poorly reasoned argument against the compatibility of trans lifestyles with the Christian worldview. The goal of this piece is to pave the way for the development of ethical judgments based on biblical and scientific truth, whether they permit or prohibit trans living.