Publication Date

Spring 4-15-2017


School of Communication; School of Music


Music: Vocal; Theatre: Acting; Theatre: Musical Theatre; Theatre: Production; Theatre: Drama Ministry; Theatre Arts; Theatre Arts--Teacher Certification


Talent Agents, Theater, Acting, Film


Arts and Humanities


The goal of this thesis is to bring the entertainment industry better prepared performers. An invaluable tool for the actor is the talent agent, someone who will not only submit actors for roles and auditions not readily available to the public, but also negotiate contracts to ensure the safety and security of the actors. Because an agent’s income is only 10% of what his/her actors make, it is necessary that agents represent actors that they believe will consistently get work. However, beyond that, it is not widely known the specific qualities agents desire in the talent they represent. Through a survey sent to several talent agents across the United States, who represent performers in various mediums, the skills desired in performers by talent agents are explored and discussed.