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Publication Date

Spring 4-10-2017


School of Music


Music: Songwriting


Music, Commercial Music, Songwriting, Producing, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Poetry, Literary Devices


Biblical Studies | Christianity | Composition | Fine Arts | Music Practice | Music Theory | Other Music | Poetry


The creation of an EP is a process that requires skills in multiple areas. Once, creating an EP was only available to those who garnered resources and support from a record label. However, an increasing number of aspiring musicians are writing, recording, and making their music available for download or purchase without the assistance of a record label. Doing this successfully and excellently requires application of knowledge in areas such as literature, theology (for Christian artists), music theory, music technology, and marketing. This thesis will describe one process used to turn inspiration into a tangible product that one can purchase and play. Beginning with the process of creating songs, this explanation will explore the recording and editing process utilizing music software and equipment, and will end with the distribution of the resulting audio tracks.