Publication Date

Spring 4-25-2016


School of Communication


Digital Media and Communication Arts


music in advertising, music, advertising, emotional impact, emotion, emotions, jingles, music, music psychology, music history, jingle history, future of music in advertising, popular music, needledrop music, indie music, commercials, music commercials, semantic differential, emotional effects of music in advertising


Communication | Mass Communication | Music | Public Relations and Advertising


Music is used extensively in advertising. Thus, it is surprising that so little research has been conducted on the emotional effects of music in advertising. Industry research has focused on the informational processing model, which measures how effective an advertisement is based on recall and understanding. However, beyond influencing thoughts and behavior, music tugs at the heart and leaves a lasting mark.

This thesis gives an overview of how music has been used in advertising, and delves into the emotional impacts of music in advertising. This thesis also explores the creative process behind choosing the right music for an advertisement, and takes a look at a tool called the “Semantic Differential” that facilitates the process.