Publication Date

Fall 2016


School of Health Sciences


Health Promotion: CHES Track


Phenomenology, Homelessness, Public Health, Qualitative


Medicine and Health Sciences | Other Public Health | Public Health


The following study was conducted to evaluate and better understand the attitudes and perceptions those experiencing homelessness have toward fast food. While previous research has studied those experiencing homelessness and their consumption of fast food, little to no research has been done to qualitatively assess what they think about fast food. This study was a qualitative phenomenology conducted through interviews with nineteen adults currently experiencing homelessness in a medium-sized city in the Mid-Atlantic U.S. Some insights those experiencing homelessness had toward fast food focused on the topics of health, cost, availability, necessity, and experience. Implications of this study include a better understanding of those experiencing homelessness and opportunities to improve the quality of life for those experiencing homelessness, especially in the area of nutrition and daily diet.