Publication Date

Fall 2016


School of Education


Integrated Studies: Special Education--Teacher Certification


United State Government, Teacher Turnover, Educators, Education, Federal Government, State Government, Teachers, High Stakes Testing, Standardized Testing


Elementary Education and Teaching | State and Local Government Law


This thesis is an attempt to understand the correlation between the modern day United States government and current educators. The research founded the correlation to a reason, or several reasons, behind the deficit of educators in different fields of education, which included but is not limited to: teacher salary, leaving the field, dissatisfaction. The history of governmental involvement in education was pertinent in explaining where different responsibilities on educators originated from, such as Least Restrictive Environment, standardized testing, etc. The relationship between these two establishments reaches a critical point at teachers and directly affects teacher efficacy and turnover. In conclusion, based off the deficits in different aspects of educators, several problems will be identified and some resolutions as well.