Publication Date

Spring 2015


School of Business


Business: Marketing


Marketing, Music, Branding, Memory, Targeting, Segmentation, Differentiation, Social Media


Advertising and Promotion Management | Business


Marketers use thousands of techniques in order to create the ideal brand image for products and services. There is no detail left unconsidered at the end of a marketing proposal. Everything from the font on a package to the actor used in commercials is extremely thought-out because marketers are not trying to sell a product; they are trying to sell a brand. Because of this, music is becoming increasingly important in marketing decisions. The types of music playing in a store, on a commercial, on a website, or at a worksite can all effect the image of a product, and ultimately whether or not a product sells. This thesis will examine the correlation between marketing and music, and how markers can use music to help develop an effective brand. Music that is effectively utilized and implemented can greatly contribute to the branding and marketing effort of a company or product. Key Words: music in marketing, branding, memory