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Spring 4-6-2016


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Music: Worship Studies


Malachi, Minor Prophets, Writing for Congregational Worship


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Malachi is an Old Testament book addressing Israel’s struggles with discontentment and complacent worship, issues that are strikingly similar to those in the church today. Israel had returned to their sacred land but had left their sacred ways behind. The heart for God had perhaps been left in captivity. Selfishness and disappointment reigned, as the nation felt oddly deflated by God’s lack of a “proper response” to their desires, while they simultaneously flaunted their disobedience to God’s laws. The main sins addressed by Malachi were: the corruption of worship and offerings, the rampant sin of divorce, marriage to foreign women, and the attitude of complacency toward these sins. Half-hearted offerings, self-serving choices, and an absolute denial of their sinful state calls to mind the heart of the modern church today. Malachi delivers a rally cry that rings throughout the ages and should batter the doors of our hearts and churches today, as much as it was intended to in the times of this God-sent messenger. The words of this prophet were crucial during the times they were spoken, but their significance has not been lessened over time. This project includes a song based on principles gleaned from the book of Malachi. The Appendix of this thesis includes background information regarding the process of writing and recording this song. It also includes a music chart which reflects the recording.

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