Publication Date

Spring 2016


School of Nursing


Nursing (B.S.N.)


Asthma, Nutrition, Diet


Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition | Family Practice Nursing | Other Nursing | Public Health and Community Nursing


Asthma is a disease process characterized by episodic inflammation of the lower airway in response to various triggers. Those with asthma have trouble breathing effectively during an acute episode, making asthma a potentially life threatening condition. Standard medical treatment of asthma, including medications and environmental changes, can be effective at reducing or eliminating negative outcomes in patients with asthma. However, a holistic approach to patient care, including an examination of dietary influence, may also be useful for patients trying to manage the course of their illness. Variations in intake of individual nutrients or in total dietary patterns may play a role in how people with asthma experience symptoms. Two issues that need to be addressed regarding dietary intervention as a component of asthma management are (a) identifying what dietary elements are effective at improving asthma management; (b) implementing interventions that will facilitate appropriate dietary changes in an adult asthmatic patient population.