Publication Date

Spring 2016


School of Business


Business Administration


Business, Ministry, Poverty, Social Business, Transformational Development, Non-Profit, Spiritual Poverty, Justice, Motivation


International Business


Businesses that are operated by Christian workers can make a difference in ministering to poverty-stricken communities around the world. Poverty is a major social problem that has existed for all of history and will continue to affect the lives of millions in the future. A number of business initiatives such as social business, macro-government initiatives, and transformational development have experienced success in helping reduce the problem. It is imperative to approach the issue of poverty recognizing the spiritual component along with the physical. The ministry of Jesus Christ serves as an example for meeting the needs of the impoverished, and going into the work with a heart like His will demonstrate a love that is able to give life to the broken. The Christian non-profit operates with a purposeful ministry with several areas of impact, and examining one particular company called IBEC Ventures in detail will reveal a practical way the work is being done.