Senior Honors Theses

Publication Date

Spring 4-19-2016


School of Music


Music: Worship Studies


Worship, Music, Church, Composition, Arranging, Orchestration, Contextualization


Composition | Liturgy and Worship | Music Theory | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion


God’s mandate for all worship pastors is that they minister to their local body of believers in an effective way. This directive necessitates the use of scripturally and culturally appropriate music that clearly communicates the Gospel to the church congregation. This creative thesis further investigates musical contextualization in the local church.

Five philosophical pillars represent the most basic structure on which the entire process of local church contextualization stands. The minister must be rooted in scripture, led by the Spirit, present-minded, future-driven, and committed to service. After evaluating these philosophical concepts, this thesis will then explore the methodological contextualization process through the creation of an arrangement of the song “Jesus, Thank You” for use by Lenexa Baptist Church’s worship ministry.