Publication Date

Spring 4-2016


School of Education


Education: Elementary/Middle


differentiation, inclusion, inclusive education, modifications, accommodations, individualized education program


Curriculum and Instruction | Disability and Equity in Education | Educational Methods | Special Education and Teaching


The goal of education is to enrich the lives of the students entering the classroom in such a way that sees them leaving after the school year as better and more developed students eager to continue learning. However, there has been a disconnect between educators and the population of their classrooms that requires modifications and special attention. In part, this is because it is time consuming and difficult to make sure that every student, including the handicapped students, is having his or her needs met. In order for classrooms to be effective, there has to be an inclusive environment that seeks to engage the students where they are and an educator that is committed to the learning of all the students. For this to be effective, the teacher will have to discover each student’s individual needs, strengths, interests, and passions. When an educator is committed to doing this and to following through with the information, the classroom experience will be much improved for all students (Cox, 2009).