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Amputees, Rehabilitation, Physical Rehabilitation, Prostheses, Prosthetic Limbs


Rehabilitation and Therapy


Since physical therapy requires constant interaction with other people, it is a career that requires not only medical knowledge, but knowledge of the human psychology as well. A physical therapist may be well versed in recovery techniques, but how will he or she get the patient motivated if the patient is not motivated to begin with? Every person is different. Rehabilitation of amputees is a delicate process that requires significant work over an extended time period. Many factors are involved during the preoperative phase, as well as the postoperative phase. However, by being aware of the patient’s mental status and providing adequate patient education, the physical therapist and health care team can provide an extremely effective rehabilitation program. By understanding the patient and prescribing the proper exercise program, a physical therapist can help an amputee reach a high level of functionality.