Publication Date

Fall 11-16-2015


School of Education; School of Music


Music: Choral--Teacher Certification; Music: Vocal


Song Cycle, Schumann, Lecture Recital, Vocal Performance, Voice Recital, Music Analysis, Performance Tips


Music Education | Music Performance


A lecture recital is a quintessential representation of the music student’s knowledge and skill in a synthesis of performance and instruction. This thesis will encompass the extensive research and preparation necessary to perform a lecture recital about Robert Schumann’s song cycle Frauenliebe und Leben (A Woman’s Love and Life). This marvelous work is an excellent example of Schumann’s enhancement of the song cycle genre. A standard work in soprano repertoire, Frauenliebe und Leben provides the opportunity for extensive musicality through vocal coloring, legato lines, ornamented turns, various phrasal structures, and clear dramatic direction. In addition to its rich history and theory, precise vocal technique and musical interpretation are necessary to present a successful performance of this piece.