Publication Date

April 2008


School of Business


Business: Finance

Primary Subject Area

Economics, Finance


personal finance, financial planning, students and finance, intro to investing, credit card debt, financial education, retirement planning


As graduation day approaches, many college students look forward to a time of independence when they can pursue their lifelong dreams and passions. Due to a lack of knowledge about personal finance, young adults are inadequately prepared to manage their money after they graduate from college. These individuals usually make many detrimental mistakes until they finally learn how to make good financial decisions; however, most never master this art. If college graduates have the correct knowledge and motivation for getting control of their finances, they can achieve financial security by making wise decisions from the start. College students need to understand various components of personal finance, including building good credit, avoiding debt, investing, real estate, and planning for retirement. All of these subjects will be covered from the perspective of a recent college graduate who, ready or not, has to make these financial decisions. This guide will provide insightful information that individuals need to know in order to be financially successful.