Publication Date

Spring 4-15-2015


School of Behavioral Sciences




AI, Artificial Intelligence, Personhood, Morality, Ethics, Technology, Psychology, Machines


Cognition and Perception | Other Psychology | Theory and Philosophy


Mankind has long been interested in the unique, the strange, and the new; perhaps nothing more fully encompasses this interest than recent work on developing Artificial Intelligence (AI). With this research, however, comes a great many questions. Are AIs alive? Are AIs moral agents? Can machines be held legally culpable for their actions? These questions, and more, continue to be a topic of much debate in the academic community, and will no doubt remain of interest for years to come. It is the purpose of this research project, however, to investigate the far-reaching effects of this academic debate. While the results of this study remain as yet inconclusive, the field remains ripe for further study and analysis.