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Health Promotion: Clinical Track


Prenatal Care, Group Prenatal Care, Global Health


Medicine and Health Sciences


Prenatal care has been an esteemed medical practice for decades, but a new model has surfaced and is reinventing the traditional prenatal care methodology. This revolutionary model is group prenatal care demonstrated by the Centering Pregnancy model. The group model for prenatal care combines the best components of the traditional model with some new components which are supported by other familiar models in society, namely, investment supported by a peer group connection model, collaborative venture supported by a model of collaborative effort which contributes to adherence, social gathering supported by the support group model, relationships with boundaries supported by a social support model, and learning in the group supported by the American education model. There is great promise from the Centering Pregnancy group prenatal care model for improved commitment to prenatal care attendance and thus better infant outcomes in the United States and around the world. Striving toward better global outcomes begins with understanding and ends with seizing the opportunity to take the information and make a global change that makes a difference for hundreds of thousands of women each and every year. This is the responsibility of those who believe life is about more than their individual needs.