Publication Date

Spring 3-31-2015


School of Nursing


Nursing (B.S.N.)


breastfeeding, benefits, baby, mother, society


Family Practice Nursing | International Public Health | Maternal and Child Health | Maternal, Child Health and Neonatal Nursing | Nursing Midwifery | Pediatric Nursing | Public Health and Community Nursing | Public Health Education and Promotion | Women's Health


It is important to educate women of childbearing age, their families, and society of the benefits that breastfeeding has over bottle-feeding and formula-feeding. The benefits of breastfeeding are in three main categories. First, the developmental, physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of the baby will be discussed. Then the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits for the mother will be talked about along with possible contraindications or difficulties. Finally, the financial benefits of breastfeeding over feeding an infant from the bottle will be discussed as it relates to the family and government. The goal is to persuade that breastfeeding is a superior nutritional resource and has numerous physiological, psychological and financial benefits for all members of society.