Publication Date

Spring 4-15-2015


School of Religion


Religion: Youth Ministries


Identity in Christ, Ephesians, Psychology, Religion, Identity, Adolescence, Adolescents, Teenagers, Student Ministry, Bible, Culture


Biblical Studies | Developmental Psychology | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion


An identity in Christ is the only solid foundation on which adolescents or adults can build their life. Identity is a major building block in a person’s life. Individuals with an unhealthy identity as a result of the culture will need to make many changes to this foundation in order to keep an accurate view of their lives. The definition of identity can show examples of negative consequences of an unhealthy identity. An identity based on the views of culture can show areas of weakness. Examining what the Bible says about man before and after a relationship with Christ will help Christians see what their identity is in Christ. This will aid in breaking down the previously identified unhealthy identities in contrast to an identity in Christ as well as building the foundation for an identity in Christ. The aspects and truths found in an identity in Christ show what Christians should make as their foundation. Practical applications can be drawn from these truths to instill this identity in followers of Christ at a critical point in their life, adolescence. Student pastors and pastors may use these results in order to see the need for a correct and biblical identity in adolescents and adults.