Publication Date

Spring 4-13-2015


School of Religion


Religious Studies


Augustine, Pelagius, John Calvin, James Arminius, Karl Barth, Corporate Election, Individual Election, Unconditional Election, Election, Calvinism, Romans 9, Romans 11, Ephesians 1


Biblical Studies | History of Christianity | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion


The topic of predestination has been discussed throughout church history in the work of men like Augustine, Pelagius, Calvin, Arminius, and Barth. Corporate election seeks to reconcile some problematic areas of Calvinistic and Arminian theology by arguing that in the same way that God chose the nation of Israel through His election of Abraham, so He also chose the Church through His election of Jesus Christ. Despite this view’s seemingly convincing evidence, Scripture points far beyond its main tenets. God’s unconditional election of individuals ought to be foundational to the understanding of corporate election. This study will discuss and interact with the arguments for both corporate election and individual election in order to present an accord between the two views