Publication Date

April 2008


College of Arts and Sciences


Music: Choral--Teacher Certification

Primary Subject Area



keyboard, monochord, clavichord, spinet, harpsichord, pianoforte, piano, Christofori, piano construction, Bach, Liszt, Schumann


The keyboard instrument was improved through a long series of developments until the pianoforte was developed, which reached beyond the capabilities of the harpsichord. Christofori developed the pianoforte which would lead to the ultimate development of the concert grand piano. Not all composers were privileged to have the pianoforte at their fingertips, let alone the grand piano with all of its improvements. Therefore, each composer’s musical style can be correlated to the piano’s development during each time period. Each musical era signifies where the piano was developmentally during that century. Through this progression the piano came to be a means of emotion and imagination, allowing audiences to see the colors, moods, and pictures that can be created through music.