Publication Date

Spring 4-14-2015


School of Behavioral Sciences




missionary kids, third culture kids, re-entry, repatriation, expatriates, missionaries


Multicultural Psychology | Psychology


The children of expatriates grow up being a part of two or more cultures which allows them to have unique experiences and challenges. Many of these children return to their parents' home country after they finish school and have trouble adjusting to the change. This study interviewed a sample of Missionary Kids about their transition back to the United States as their home country. It looked at how well they have adjusted and what helped and hindered their transition. The subjects were evaluated on how different factors of their overseas experience influenced their repatriation process, current adjustment, and cultural adjustment. As expected, time since returning to the home country, frequency and length of visits to the home country while living overseas, good relationships with other children of expatriates, support from parents whether overseas or nearby, and participation in re-entry programs influenced the adjustment process.