Publication Date

Spring 4-13-2015


School of Business


Business Administration


business, missions, hospitality, hostels, ministry


Hospitality Administration and Management | Missions and World Christianity


Business is a vehicle highly useful for achieving specific missions for the kingdom of God that could not otherwise be accomplished. A Business as Missions (BAM) organization is one structure of business that focuses intently on accomplishing the mission of reaching others for the kingdom of God. BAMs can be utilized in virtually any industry; however, the following thesis focuses on the unique opportunities that exist within the hospitality industry. These unique opportunities are present because of its relational components and consumer demands for community and social interaction. A hostel is one specific form of a hospitality company that has numerous distinct opportunities to be used for ministry. Due to the atmosphere, ambiance, community focus, clientele, and other characteristics associated with hostels, these businesses present many specific ways for a business to accomplish its mission of reaching others for Christ.