Publication Date

Spring 4-13-2015


College of Arts and Sciences


English--Teacher Certification; TESL--Teacher Certification


Martin Luther, Anti-Semitism, Religious Literature, Church History, Christianity


Biblical Studies | Christianity | Cultural History | Ethics in Religion | Ethnic Studies | European History | European Languages and Societies | German Literature | History of Christianity | History of Religion | Intellectual History


This thesis is an analysis of the historical relations between reformer Martin Luther and the Jewish people. Its primary purpose is to defend Luther’s image as a prominent figure in Christian history while considering the possibility of his anti-Semitic views. This thesis focuses particularly on a number of Luther’s written works in order to achieve this goal, with a secondary concentration on historical and incidental defenses that can be used to exonerate him. This thesis also serves to inform contemporary Christians of the controversy surrounding these views and the result of his legacy in more recent centuries.