Publication Date

Spring 4-9-2015


School of Engineering and Computational Sciences


Computer Science


Cloud, Computing, Security, Infrastructure, Digital, Secure


Computer and Systems Architecture | Data Storage Systems | Digital Communications and Networking


Companies of all sizes operating in all markets are moving toward cloud computing for greater flexibility, efficiency, and cost savings. The decision of how to adopt the cloud is a question of major security concern due to the fact that control is relinquished over certain portions of the IT ecosystem. This thesis presents the position that the main security decision in moving to cloud computing is choosing which type of cloud to employ for each portion of the network – the hybrid cloud approach. Vulnerabilities that exist on a public cloud will be explored, and recommendations on decision factors will be made for which specific types of systems to harbor inside a private cloud. Picking the best location for each system allows risk to be managed and sensitive information to be protected while at the same time providing a cost effective option.