Publication Date

Fall 11-17-2014


Helms School of Government


Criminal Justice


Pakistan, Persecution, Christian, Religious Freedom, Human Rights, Social Justice


Asian Studies | Human Rights Law | Near and Middle Eastern Studies | Religion Law | Sociology


As a nation founded on religious freedom, it is the duty of the United States to recognize those who stand up for these beliefs across the world in solidarity. International persecution of Christians has dramatically increased due to the spread of radical Islam throughout the world, particularly in South Asia. By means of active, violent persecution as well as more passive forms of aggression, daily life for Pakistani Christians is both challenging and dangerous. While there is no easy solution to this issue, it is essential to continue advocating for those facing persecution and punish the oppressors. The American church and the global Christian population must speak out to denounce such practices, not only for safety purposes, but to defend the individual’s inalienable right to religious freedoms.