Publication Date

Spring 4-23-2014


School of Communication


Communication Studies: Advertising and Public Relations


Adoption, Magazine, Orphan, Missions, Ministry, Communication


Advertising and Promotion Management | Christianity | Communication | Graphic Communications | Marketing | Missions and World Christianity | Public Relations and Advertising


For my senior honors thesis I have received permission to present a project along with its scholarly apparatus. I will be displaying ways to apply communications to ministry. The project will be a promotional magazine and informational materials. For the thesis I will include the magazine and a press release. I will be approaching some marketing techniques for a non-profit organization and assessing potential ways to reach the public. Many organizations are doing incredible work to fight social injustice and oftentimes few people understand the issues. I want to show how communication can revitalize ministry and get the word out through promotional materials, graphic design and writing. These are examples of marketing tactics in a ministry setting. My goal is to show how creative communication strategies can ignite passion in the public and bring people into involvement. Through the work of artistic, passionate, persuasive communicators, social injustices can and should be brought to light. Not only awaking knowledge but also inspiring action is the mark of a successful communicator.


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