Publication Date

Spring 4-23-2014


School of Health Sciences


Biology: Molecular Biology


Physical Therapy, Fenzian, Fenzian Unit, musculoskeletal injuries, Colthurst, Jeshua Spadino, modality, electrobiofeedback


Anatomy | Chemistry | Medicine and Health Sciences | Physical Therapy


The field of physical therapy includes many different treatment options in the form of exercises and modalities. The development of a low electrical stimulation signal through the Fenzian unit has provided a new outlook on healing. This device gives information to and receives information from the central nervous system (CNS) through electro-biofeedback and is separated into its own category of modalities. The device can be used to treat a wide range of ailments, all with no adverse effects. This makes it a promising tool in the medical field. It is currently being validated as an authentic medical device through clinical studies, yet it has the potential to change the world of healthcare as we know it.