Publication Date

Spring 4-16-2014


School of Business


Business: Marketing


Social Media, Nonprofits, Christian Nonprofits


Advertising and Promotion Management | Marketing | Nonprofit Administration and Management


Social media has revolutionized modern business and marketing practices by providing a mass audience of potential stakeholders for all business entities. Nonprofit organizations that learn to utilize social media affectively could benefit in virtually every organizational initiative, including marketing, fundraising, and advocacy, by easily connecting to target audiences through the power of virtual social networking. The specific focus of this work is on Christian ministries and charitable organizations. Case studies of two differing Christian organizations are discussed: the relief organization, Samaritan’s Purse and the young adult ministry, Love and Respect (NOW). The case studies explore the organizations’ background and mission, potential use for social media, current use of major outlets: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest; and recommendations for each organization, based on a discussion of best practices for each outlet. Limitations of social media outlets are also discussed, to illustrate the constant change, necessity of staying current, and potential for growth in the realm of nonprofit social media.